How You Can Help!


Socialization:  Animals that love humans the most suffer the most in animal shelters.  The isolation starves them from the one thing they need which is human contact!  Because many of the animals that come to the shelter are accustomed to human contact, volunteers have the opportunity to provide a continuity of socialization for the animals that will ultimately afford them a greater opportunity for adoption. Shelter volunteers can offer the animals the care and affection that they desperately need, and deserve, until they can placed in their forever homes.

Daily Exercise:  Dog walking is essential to the emotional well being of the dogs especially. Many of the dogs that come to our shelter are housebroken, and will wait for long periods of time so as not to soil their kennel. This is unhealthy and very uncomfortable for the dog. In addition, dogs that are confined to the kennels for extended period of time will become “cage crazy” and suffer emotionally. Volunteer dog walkers play a very important part in keeping the dogs socialized and healthy.

Attend Adoption Events:  Join us while we take dogs and cats out of the shelter to attend adoption events.  Getting the animals out of the shelter for the day gives them the mental break that they need to stay mentally balanced and healthy.  It also serves to let our community know about the animal shelter but best of all -- adoption events gets animals adopted!  We need a team of people committed to taking the animals out for events.  Join us!  


Volunteer Job Descriptions: